The Frost Loft
My Roles
  • Creative Direction

  • UX Direction

  • Lead UX/UI Designer

  • Experience Journey

  • Content Strategy

  • Design & Copywriting

  • Prototyping & Development

  • Installation QA & Testing


Frost came to McGarrah Jessee with a request to tell their 150 year old brand history via a brand museum in their new Frost Tower in San Antonio, TX.

There was an inherent challenge in the task of telling a brand history because at the same time we also had an overarching goal to modernize perceptions of the brand across all touchpoints.


To accomplish both goals, I led a user-centered approach to concepting with a goal of finding techforward and engaging ways to bring the museum to life. The interactive brand installation includes a mix of ten digital and nine physical experiences interwoven together to keep users engaged via a mix of tactile, interactive and passive experience.

We worked with McKinney York Architects to build the museum and event space.

Experiential UX

To begin, I created user journey maps for each of our three audiences; Frost customers, Frost employees, and San Antonio foot traffic to help us identify opportunities to engage each visitor type.

Immersive Exhibits

We then set out to concept ways of bringing the brand story to life. Users can browse the original bank ledgers from 1850 via a digital touch screen while the preserved artifacts sit encased. They can take a quiz to learn if they have what it really takes to make big decisions from Frost’s history. And an interactive history of Frost’s commitment to innovation walks them through Frost’s technological advancements from their founding to present day. The timeline features touchscreen interactions, tactile displays, real artifacts, and videos.

project image
Photo credit: McKinney York Architects

Experiential Souvenir

We wanted to give visitors a souvenir from Frost history that made a tech-forward impression. So, we trained a robot to write in the hand of Frost's founder. We analyzed letters written by T.C. Frost in the 1850s and then programmed an Axidraw robot to write in his handwriting.

Visitors simply enter their name into a tablet, load in a blank “certificate of good standing” and watch the robot address the letter to them personally, signing in the founder’s signature.


We built the experience to comply with ADA museum guidelines for touchscreens and tactile experiences. However, knowing Frost is an inclusive brand, we also wanted to provide even more ways for anyone to experience the museum. So, we created a fully digital version of the exhibit within an ADA compliant tablet available to visitors upon request.

project image