Meet Stephanie

Hi I'm Steph

I'm a Creative Director atMcGarrah Jessee. I lead teams that create meaningful and memorable creative. My career started in digital at the intersection of branding and UX. Today my work spans advertising, digital and experiential. No matter the medium, I love uncovering human truths to create things that people enjoy.

I live in Austin, TX, a city that has grown as much as I have. I'm also an avid traveler. Ask me for trip recos! I'll probably send you a spreadsheet.

Travel Feeds Me 🍔

Last trip: Maui, Hawaii.

Currently Thinking About 🔮

AI as a creative tool?

Relevent Experience


Creative Director

    McGarrah Jessee


Lead UX/UI Designer

    McGarrah Jessee


UX/UI Designer, Interim Creative Director

    Monkee-Boy Web Design

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