South Congress Be Unproductive
  • Creative Direction: Steph Cain

  • Art Director: Page Kastner

  • Copywriter: Anna Crane

  • Photographer: Nicole Truly

  • Producers: Sean Phung, Abby Hinojosa, Mase Kerwick

  • CCO: Tim Roan

  • Campaign

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  • Condom Packaging

The Idea

When abortion trigger laws went into effect August 25, 2022, we took to the streets of Austin and Nashville, plastering them with one simple message: Male birth control is an act of solidarity with every human who owns a uterus. Some loved it. Some hated it. And that’s why we choose these battleground cities in the heart of conservative states.

As an agency headquartered in one of these states, it was the least we could do to stand in solidarity with our employees. Our goal was to embolden people from all backgrounds and beliefs to have conversations they might not have had otherwise. To ask why birth control mostly falls in a woman’s lap, literally and figuratively.